Too many words for a story

So, as the web already knows, Wired has printed a loada six-word stories, and Slashdot has fostered loads more.

I give you:

Death became her. Resurrection angered her.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel stepped from the –

Birth. Death. Sold sandwiches in between.

Red-hooded girl defeats transvestite wolf.

I. Angry Achilles avenges Patroclus, killing Hector.
II. Odysseus has adventures getting home (uncuckolded).

a. Hamlet dithers after uncle murders Dad.

b. Never never trust your daughters (sometimes).

c. Magician trains monster. Avenges family. Retires.

d. Witches correctly predict Scottish royal bloodbath.

“Policeman” revelation spoils long-running play.

Plane crash. Mysterious island. Interminably unexplained.


So, c’mon people, let’s have yours.

67 thoughts on “Too many words for a story

  1. Dorothy had a pretty wack dream.

    Alice had an even wacker dream.

    Duncan Grisby nodded in silent admiration.

  2. My father wrote a children’s version of Moby Dick when I was sixish, with as its star an Irish whale called Dopey Mick. I’m not sure to this day this isn’t the Funniest Thing in the World Ever.


    “Hi. Meet my wife and husbands.”

    IN the beginning, Satan created God.

  4. My other head plots against me.

    “Her dying wish,” sighed King Albert.

    Nanoterrorism is so passe these days.

  5. A contemporary review of “Waiting for Godot” summarised the play as “Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes”, which I think fits the bill (as the pelican said to the pigeon).

    Me, I can only do bland genre fiction:

    Romance: “Boy meets girl with inevitable results.”
    Chicklit: “Girl meets boy, but prefers chocolate.”
    Crime: “One of us was the killer.”
    SF/Fantasy: “Look! Like Earth, but different.”
    Modern novel: “Got up. What if that’s all?”

  6. Postmodern: “The book was six words long.”
    The Hero’s Journey: “Set out, got help, restored equilibrium.”

  7. Oulipo: “A B’ed C. D E’d B.”
    Perec: “Man lost summat not consonantal. Oh?”

  8. Assuming Dan has no work to do (and I always favour this assumption) it must be killing him that he can’t join in! Tee hee.

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