Too many words for a story

So, as the web already knows, Wired has printed a loada six-word stories, and Slashdot has fostered loads more.

I give you:

Death became her. Resurrection angered her.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel stepped from the –

Birth. Death. Sold sandwiches in between.

Red-hooded girl defeats transvestite wolf.

I. Angry Achilles avenges Patroclus, killing Hector.
II. Odysseus has adventures getting home (uncuckolded).

a. Hamlet dithers after uncle murders Dad.

b. Never never trust your daughters (sometimes).

c. Magician trains monster. Avenges family. Retires.

d. Witches correctly predict Scottish royal bloodbath.

“Policeman” revelation spoils long-running play.

Plane crash. Mysterious island. Interminably unexplained.


So, c’mon people, let’s have yours.

67 thoughts on “Too many words for a story

  1. Good point:

    Poets embrace constraining,
    Gleefully fettered.

  2. Blimey: it tells a story, in only six words, and rhymes! Whatever next?

  3. Some confusion between syllables and words crept in there, alas. Just the Return of the King one, then, I think:

    Hobbits overcome
    Saruman; ending (alas!)

    I’m going back to the first two.

  4. I provide foil to detective, again.

    (Henry hasn’t got a LiveJournal, still.)

  5. Here’s the last 3 books I’ve read:

    Man becomes monster, intermittently at first
    Diamond stolen from god, eventually returned
    Fortune lost? Become teacher then marry.

  6. Greek: “Hamartia; peripeteia; anagnorisis; catharsis (audience escapes).”

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