a new walking journal

Hello, I’m Andrew. I create books, magazines and newsletters, among other things.

I’m passionate about walking, history, heritage, slow travel and our relationship with the landscape – and I’m plotting a new publication at the nexus of these. The core idea is essays where each writer describes a walk (or a run) – and thereby explores whatever aspect of place, history, psychology, travel, exercise or nature that interests them. I’d love to know what you’d like to see from such a thing (if it interests you), because if you’ve found this page you feel like my sort of people!

I’d want writers to be paid – I don’t think it’s right to expect people to write interesting stuff for nothing. So there has to be a business model!

Anyway, I’d be hugely grateful if you would fill in this short survey; and if you want to share your email at the end (optional, of course) I’ll definitely make sure you get a discount when I launch this thing.

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