(This is my now page, a concept invented by Derek Sivers. Find other people’s now pages here.)

December 2023

  • Doing a lot of thinking about where my work is heading.
  • I need to make more things.
  • Which also means I need to spend less time on small jobs for other people that interrupt the more rewarding bigger things.

September 2023

  • I’ve just finished editing a brilliant book about a new way to approach writing your life story(ies). I’ll be plugging it when it’s out.
  • I’m trying to avoid social media. If you’re someone I admire, I have hopefully subscribed to your mailing list/YouTube/thingy already, or we’re in direct contact anyway. (If not, let me know!)
  • And rather than turning to social media, I’m hoping to write more articles/blog posts at this site and make it the online place where I prefer to express myself. And of course you’re welcome here.
  • I recently added new features to my Bookalyser tool, including a completely new sort of spellchecker. I mean, I wrote the code in 2019 and have been using it privately all the time, but had failed to add it to the site for others. Oops. (More features in the pipeline!)

In general

  • I’m very much enjoying my work as an editor of non-fiction books and history magazines.
  • I’m still producing a weekly history-themed Substack after more than two years.
  • I try to go for a walk every day, wherever I am.
  • I’m living in the same small Cotswolds town where I’ve been for the last 13 years.
  • My kids continue to be funnier and smarter than me.