More of that nonsense *just in*

Hey, the police have come up with a great new idea. I’m all for it. You see, there’s an enormous amount of crime going on all over the place, and it’s simply a waste of VALUABLE PUBLIC RESOURCES to go round catching the people who actually perpetrated it. So, under a new scheme FUNDED BY AN INSTITUTE, the police are now going to capture (with a large net, I believe) exactly the right number of people, but randomly selected from people at large. Not only will this send their success rates rocketing up to 100%, but it will of course act as a spiffy deterrent. Although criminals might initially be tempted to capitalise upon this opportunity to do bad things and let other people take the rap, SOCIETY AT LARGE will realise that the more crime there is, the more of society will be locked up, and gradually the rates will fall.

(Actually, the POWERS THAT BE could also run a new lottery system based on all this: buy a ticket with someon’es name on it and if they get captured, you win a prize, related to the number of years in prison they have been selected to undertake. But that’s just my humble contribution.)

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