Trivioku puzzle #7


1.In which city is the Alexander Nevsky cathedral? (5)
2.Which website was originally called AuctionWeb? (4)
3.What is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet? (4)
4.Which poet was an Irish senator for two terms? (5)
5.What term is applied to having a body mass index above 30? (7)
6.What term is used to describe an island in the river Thames? (3 or 4)
7.Which surname do UK actor Alan and US actress Kathy have in common? (5)
8.What’s the popular Greek brined curd cheese called? (4)
9.What was Tobit’s son called? (6)

HINT: Protection from dangers of biotechnology.

Trivioku puzzle #6


1.What term describes a short cross line at the ends of main strokes in Roman typefaces? (5)
2. George Meredith’s novel The — tells of Sir Willoughby Patterne.(6)
3.Which shipping area is between the NE coast of Scotland and the SE coast of Norway? (7)
4.Which play by Aristophanes focuses on the god Dionysus? (3,5)
5.Which Scottish goldsmith gave his name to a university? (6)
6.What is the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet? (3)
7.Which Lost Dogs album should you not look in the mouth? (4,5)
8.What was the name of Young Frankenstein’s lab assistant? (4)
9.What sort of creature is Shrek? (4)
HINT:What we need to save the planet?

Trivioku puzzle #5


1.Helium and neon are the only true elemental examples of what sort of gas? (5)
2.What’s the surname of the notorious Scottish psychiatrist who studied schizophrenia? (5)
3.In which part of London was Passport to Pimlico made? (6)
4.Which landlocked country bordering Algeria had a major food crisis in 2005-6? (5)
5.Which archangel is regarded in Biblical tradition as the angel of death? (7)
6.What is the second most spoken language in India? (7)
7.What can be scalene or obtuse,among other things? (8)
8.What term describes a lock of hair or a type of butterfly? (7)
9.What is the heraldic term for silver? (6)
HINT:This part of America is under threat.

Trivioku puzzle #4


1.What’s the term for a public outdoor swimming pool? (4)
2.What is solid carbon dioxide also known as? (3,3)
3.Which organisation has 12 members,including Iran and Nigeria,now that Indonesia has left? (4)
4.At which village in Radnorshire was diarist Francis Kilvert the curate? (5)
5.What’s the high-pitched cry often made by puppies called? (4)
6.What was the nickname of Castilian nobleman Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar? (2,3)
7.Dr Johnson,Jerome K Jerome and Tom Hodgkinson have all edited magazines called The — ? (5)
8.What word connects Sting with a city in Poland? (6)
9.Which character,first name Tom,features in several of Patricia Highsmith’s novels? (6)
HINT:This is down, leading to food shortages.

Trivioku puzzle #3


1.What gives you the edge in typography and economics? (6)
2.Which central Indian city is associated with the cobra? (6)
3.Which Roman town was the birthplace of Cicero? (7)
4.Which edible crustacean has branching gills? (5)
5.Which animal is associated with the zodiac sign Aries? (3)
6.Keats wrote an ode to a Grecian what? (3)
7.Which northern town is associated with both George Orwell and George Formby? (5)
8.Which modern country was formerly known as Persia? (4)
9.What is the base unit of mass in the metric system? (4)
HINT: Our planet is doing this.