Trivioku puzzle #4


1.What’s the term for a public outdoor swimming pool? (4)
2.What is solid carbon dioxide also known as? (3,3)
3.Which organisation has 12 members,including Iran and Nigeria,now that Indonesia has left? (4)
4.At which village in Radnorshire was diarist Francis Kilvert the curate? (5)
5.What’s the high-pitched cry often made by puppies called? (4)
6.What was the nickname of Castilian nobleman Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar? (2,3)
7.Dr Johnson,Jerome K Jerome and Tom Hodgkinson have all edited magazines called The — ? (5)
8.What word connects Sting with a city in Poland? (6)
9.Which character,first name Tom,features in several of Patricia Highsmith’s novels? (6)
HINT:This is down, leading to food shortages.