Trivioku puzzle #5


1.Helium and neon are the only true elemental examples of what sort of gas? (5)
2.What’s the surname of the notorious Scottish psychiatrist who studied schizophrenia? (5)
3.In which part of London was Passport to Pimlico made? (6)
4.Which landlocked country bordering Algeria had a major food crisis in 2005-6? (5)
5.Which archangel is regarded in Biblical tradition as the angel of death? (7)
6.What is the second most spoken language in India? (7)
7.What can be scalene or obtuse,among other things? (8)
8.What term describes a lock of hair or a type of butterfly? (7)
9.What is the heraldic term for silver? (6)
HINT:This part of America is under threat.