Trivioku puzzle #2


1.Graham Greene wrote a novel called Travels with My _ ? (4)
2.The Magic Flute and La Traviata are examples of what art form? (5)
3.Who is the Muse of lyric poetry? (5)
4.What popular edible fish often swims with dolphins? (4)
5.Who allegedly fiddled while Rome burnt? (4)
6.Which bone runs parallel to the radius? (4)
7.Which 1571 naval battle was also the title of a poem by G K Chesterton? (7)
8.What is the name of the boiled cornmeal dish popular in Italy? (7)
9.Which former US presidential candidate is a congressman from Texas? (3,4)

HINT:What are environmentalists trying to save?

Trivioku puzzle #1


1.Which country’s capital city shares its name with a type of grape? (4)
2.Which tuberous vegetable is often wrongly called a sweet potato? (3)
3.What name is given to a benign tumour composed of fat tissue? (6)
4.Which African language’s dialects are divided into three groups,Northern,Benaadir and Maay? (6)
5.Klein,Wolf and Campbell – what do they have in common? (5)
6.Which religion’s name means ‘surrender (to God)’? (5)
7. What do Goldfrapp and Moyet share,but not Hannigan? (6)
8. Alfred — is an actor who has played Tony Hancock and Doctor Octopus.(6)
9. What term is given to money paid to a former unmarried partner? (8)

HINT: Gods and athletes