16 thoughts on “Self-promotion

  1. That’s awesome dood! I’ll be listening at that time, so I do hope you pop up then…

  2. Wow! First you stole a school colleague’s home-made toast rack, and now this!

  3. I heard you. Was v v v impressed – such a shame they didn’t give you enough time for the whole thing. Well done!

  4. Bravo. I was out of the room at the precise moment and only heard the end, “congestion chargium”, it was. My thoughts were, in rough order, “Haven’t I read that parody recently?” and “Gosh, they got Will Self *back* on the programme just to read someone imitating his style”. Then I forgot all about it. Eight-thirty is rather early for us unemployed layabouts and I wasn’t quite awake.

  5. Thanks! As a fortunately employed layabout, I sympathise. (Actually, I say employed – this week I seem not to be.)

  6. That’s cool. My dad heard it without the preamble and thought it actually was Will Self. Hehe.

  7. Sorry – been a bit out of touch due to work and whisky – fantastic! TC P.

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