Found in the Dragon’s Den

I think what really makes me happiest is that I got Evan Davies to say “the viscera of kittens”. Back to the day job now.

10 thoughts on “Found in the Dragon’s Den

  1. That’s utterly marvellous. (Incidentally, though, the link to the whole thing from is broken.)

  2. Erm, when I click on it in Firefox I get linked to (rather than “”, which does work), and a “404 not found”.

    I’m talking about yesterday’s one, with the text “here’s how I imagine Will Self would write a Harry Potter story”.

    Perhaps this really is just me, though.

  3. Dude, you’re quite right – thanks! Fixed! (Which probably means the RSS feed will now flush everything to LiveJournal again…)

  4. ta! (I’m afraid I don’t think we can make your gathering of good hope tonight, alas – but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

  5. Good stuff! I wonder how Will Self felt.

    I think in honour of this rather splendid achievement you should now be known to all as “Listener Andrew Chapman”.

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