Trivioku puzzle #1


1.Which country’s capital city shares its name with a type of grape? (4)
2.Which tuberous vegetable is often wrongly called a sweet potato? (3)
3.What name is given to a benign tumour composed of fat tissue? (6)
4.Which African language’s dialects are divided into three groups,Northern,Benaadir and Maay? (6)
5.Klein,Wolf and Campbell – what do they have in common? (5)
6.Which religion’s name means ‘surrender (to God)’? (5)
7. What do Goldfrapp and Moyet share,but not Hannigan? (6)
8. Alfred — is an actor who has played Tony Hancock and Doctor Octopus.(6)
9. What term is given to money paid to a former unmarried partner? (8)

HINT: Gods and athletes

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