Feeling NUM

Further to comments on ‘s LJ, this has got me thinking. Y’see, the beauty, if there is any, in society is that there’s not only a breadth of jobs that need doing, but also a breadth of people willing to do them. Somehow it generally seems to pan out that roughly enough people want to be doctors or firemen or shopkeepers or whatever (yeah, yeah, I know I’m ignoring the whole ‘nobody actually *wants* to clean toilets’ underclass – but what’s the point of writing nonsense if you can’t be blithe and elitist about it?), and so the world turns.

It’s clear, too, that people have different dispositions, whether bookish, fey, stultifying or protuberant, and there’s a reasonably constant level of murderous sentiment in the human populace down the ages. So let’s harness this energy, brothers and sisters, and make something good from it. No, not another raffia basket, but a National Union of Murderers. Let’s just be honest: some people are baaaad. Let’s use bad for good and harness them to kill people we *want* killed – we’d be happy, and they’d feel fulfilled.

I just want to make a better world, you know.

3 thoughts on “Feeling NUM

  1. This sounds like the plot of an Ealing comedy starring Alec Guinness.

  2. Actually upon reflection maybe it should feature both Alec Guinness and Alastair Sim. I take it that the stultifying and the protuberant will be the first; of course, if we mess up then it’s raffia baskets at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for some decades, I fear.

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