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It’s still very much a work in progress, but I’ve been gathering links to those invisible cities people were exploring recently and collected them at Blind Atlas. If you know of more, please do let me know. There’ll be ongoing content at the site from a collaboration of writers.

12 thoughts on “Building project

  1. The “link” to the Gazeteer on the site doesn’t actually seem to be a link.

  2. Oh, though I’ve found a different link on the site that works fine, which reveals that you’ve missed my lovely city of Morningtide off. Curse you and your black heart!

  3. Oops! I wish I’d done it deliberately now. I’ll link it Right Now.

  4. Hi, I don’t know if you were interested in all of them, but I did about six (some in two parts) – shall I find the others for you?

  5. Also, Mapenzia comes in two parts – and the first part is really just a stub for the second. So it’s really missing the point just to use Mapenzia one. Sorry.

  6. Sorry for the overcommenting

    Ruban (This was possibly my favourite, just after I wrote it.
    Mapenzia Two
    Al Gebra One
    Al Gebra Two

    Injini is possibly too similar to Al Gebra, although with less anger in it.

    Most of the names are based on Kiswahili – the marvellous thing about KiSwahili is that it often imports the sounds of other words into it’s language eg Injini meaning engine. Apart from Al Gebra, which is Arabic, of course.

    They are also based, for me, on real places. Ruban, for example, is nearly all Alexandria although there is London in that, as well. Real places in physical and emotional space.

  7. Great stuff – thanks for all the links, and sorry for not spotting them all myself!

  8. I should add that you can register with the site now – I can give you ‘author’ status if you want to add new stuff directly. I’m trying to gather enough people of a like mind to give it more momentum.

  9. Oh, right. I don’t want to make them public on LJ for reasons that are complex, but I don’t mind posting them there iyswim?

  10. I’m happy to move them all over to their own pages on BA if that helps – shall I do that? Then you can log in directly to BA if you want to create more: just go to Write Post.

  11. “Gossamer” can now be found chez .

    And as I say I’ve got another one, Iubilantia, under construction.

  12. Ta – she’s already up. Look forward to seeing Iubilantia – feel free to register at BA and I’ll make you an ‘author’, or I can stick in a link to your LJ.

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