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I love helping people with their books. If you’d like to discuss hiring me for editing and/or typesetting, please start with the form below. I’m afraid I don’t take on every job, but I will explain why if I can’t take yours on – perhaps I’m not the right sort of person for what you need, maybe your project isn’t ready yet or doesn’t meet certain basic criteria, or I’m just too busy. I work in lots of subject  areas, but with particular focus and experience as a history editor. If we do discuss your book further, I will always happily give free advice about your options for publication, particularly self-publishing.

If you represent a publishing company or have more complex requirements, including project management, please visit the business website for the larger team which I oversee.


I used to vary my rates per job, but now I charge a fixed fee for copy editing – either I’ll take the job on because I feel I can deliver what you need, or I won’t! My fee is £16 per 1,000 words (or part thereof), which includes VAT where applicable. That’s more than some people, and less than others. If you want to know what it’s like to work with me, please see my clients’ comments here; if you need to know more about the types of editing that I do or don’t offer myself, do read my guide to the types of editing. Note I have a minimum charge of £240 (inc VAT where applicable).


Typesetting costs depend on the software used, and particularly on these two things:

  • whether a template-based typeset is sufficient for you or you need something more bespoke
  • how many images/photographs/diagrams/charts/tables your project has.

Simpler jobs will be done for my minimum typesetting fee of £240 (inc VAT where applicable); beyond that it would depend on the length, complexity and number of illustrations. But we can discuss it first!

If you’d like me to typeset your book as well as edit it, you’ll get a £100 discount on the combined fee.

If we take things further, I will ask for a 50% payment up front, with the rest to be paid upon completion.


I do get booked up in advance, and have some regular magazine jobs.

Current status for editing: some availability from June 2024.

Current status for typesetting: some availability from May 2024.

Please get in touch

Note: I trade as Prepare to Publish Ltd.