I’ve loved Twitter for years (or rather, the wonderful people I’ve engaged with here) but I’m experimenting with stepping away from social media. Find me at my website, where I have set up a ‘now page’ (a charming concept from @sivers). (You should have one too!)

@PaulWhitewick I read it somewhere… will try to find out more tomorrow!

@PaulWhitewick 😁We walked from Belas Knapp, circling around from south and going westward. Found it quickly from that direction but thanks to you knew what to look out for! Amazing spot. There’s a second mosaic _somewhere_!!

Couldn’t help but follow in the Roman footsteps of @PaulWhitewick today 🙂

Keep thinking of leaving Twitter but then #fingerpostfriday brings me back…

@AndrewHavis Haha! But yours has actual words 😁

Where now? Who cares, it’s beautiful. #fingerpostfriday

I’ve never kept a ‘diary’ but almost every day since the mid 1990s I’ve had a notebook in my pocket, almost all of them the same type from Muji (hello @UKMUJI). Here’s The Box! I suppose I ought to actually look at them some time…

@cox_tom DO IT. (Just finished 21st Century Yokel. Fabulous. But then all I have to do is lounge around reading your stuff, rather than write it.)