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This tool will analyse a text and tell you what the most important words in it are, as well as the most important sentence, in terms of the text's themes. You can use this for search engine optimisation (SEO) keyword analysis, or simply to get the gist of a text - or writers might find it useful to see which words they use most. (See the notes below for background information.) NOTE: this is still being developed, so is best regarded as 'BETA'!

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This text content and keyword analyser is intended to give a more precise indication of a text's most important words than other tools available. Most keyword analysers use simple word frequency (which is also shown here anyway), but that doesn't relate the specific text to the language in general - common terms such as 'people' and 'time', for example, appear in many documents, but do not necessarily indicate the essence of the particular text being analysed. This analyser uses the TF-IDF statistical method to relate the frequencies of words in the specific text to their general frequencies in the British National Corpus. I am indebted to Adam Kilgarriff's version of the BNC, which I have adapted considerably for this tool. This analyser mainly uses the nouns in the BNC, on the basis that these are the parts of speech that best indicate the subject matter of a text. (At some point I hope to produce a version using an American English corpus, though I'd be surprised if the results were very different.)