Trivioku puzzle #6


1.What term describes a short cross line at the ends of main strokes in Roman typefaces? (5)
2. George Meredith’s novel The — tells of Sir Willoughby Patterne.(6)
3.Which shipping area is between the NE coast of Scotland and the SE coast of Norway? (7)
4.Which play by Aristophanes focuses on the god Dionysus? (3,5)
5.Which Scottish goldsmith gave his name to a university? (6)
6.What is the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet? (3)
7.Which Lost Dogs album should you not look in the mouth? (4,5)
8.What was the name of Young Frankenstein’s lab assistant? (4)
9.What sort of creature is Shrek? (4)
HINT:What we need to save the planet?